Birth Rhythms Future Fund

I believe in the power of community.  I believe in my local birth community, the larger birth community of my province (Saskatchewan, Canada) and even beyond that–I have faith that the worldwide community works together for the betterment of birthing women and their families.  We all help each other out.

This post is about a very special centre located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:  Birth Rhythms.  It’s the only one of it’s kind on the Canadian prairies, perhaps all of Canada.  Birth Rhythms is the hub of the grassroots birthing community in our province and provides many indispensable services to families ranging from childbirth education, doula support and training, lactation support, fitness programs, studio space, postpartum support, birth professional development, daddy boot camp, cesarean and vbac support groups, trauma counseling…the list goes on.

As circumstances have it, Birth Rhythms is going through some transitions and could use some support, just for the upcoming year, to ensure these vital services continue to run.  My voice joins many others whose families have been touched by Birth Rhythms and we are all saying loud and clear: “We want Birth Rhythms in our futures!”

There is an Indiegogo campaign called: Birth Rhythms Future Fund.

Click here to visit the campaign to see how you can help out–there are impressive perks available!

Watch the video to see just what it is we are working to save.  The community is speaking and the reverberations can be felt far and wide.

I love Birth Rhythms for all that it means to all those who support families in pregnancy, birth and parenting–be they doulas, advocates, activists, childbirth educators, or lactation consultants (again the list goes on).

I love and support Birth Rhythms for what it stands for–for all it does for mothers, babies and families.  I imagine a Saskatchewan with a Birth Rhythms in it.  I hope you do, too.

Indiegogo campaign:


The Birth Rhythms Future Fund Benefit and silent auction event page on Facebook

Birth Rhythms


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