Light Always Wins

For a growing number of women, a shift is taking place when it comes to pregnancy and birth in our modern culture.  The truth about birth is returning to the light and is being embraced by more and more women and their families.  It’s a kind of reclaiming of a natural rite of passage and it’s nothing less than transcendent for all humankind.  Our children deserve to be brought into the world with trust, gentleness and love.  Ultimately, to be treated as whole, sentient human beings before, during and after birth is a basic human right.

My journey towards this transcendence began with my own pregnancy and birth of my daughter.  Despite having a healthy pregnancy, I found myself having to face the pervading fear and I discovered the extent to which our culture does not support the idea that birth is safe or that a woman is perfectly capable of choosing her care provider.  When pregnancy is viewed only as an illness and treated as a medical event women and their babies suffer.

I’m navigating yet this path in search of ways to share what more and more are saying: birth is safe and normal and we are made to for it.  As I work toward my goal of becoming a Childbirth Educator it’s my hope that sharing my experiences along the way may shed a little light on the path for other Mamas and Babies.

I have come to know that when a woman is connected to her innate power and is supported in an environment where birth is respected, that it is the woman that makes the best decisions for herself and for her baby.  The result is an empowered birth regardless of where it takes place and who, if anyone, is in attendance.

I honour Birth.  I honour Mamas and their Babies.  And so:

“Birth Belongs to Mamas”
(Quote borrowed from Carla Hartley)

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